Translation status of X-CD-Roast 1.19

(last updated: 11.11.2018)

X-CD-Roast is available in a lot of languages. However, I need volunteers who can do a translation for me. I received a lot of translations over the years, but some are outdated by now.

This is a list of available translations and its current status. I am looking for updated language files to get this set as complete as possible. Please contact me if you want to help me in that matter or when you want to add a new language.

Note that I consider translations which were not updated within a year as "unmaintained" - thanks for anyone who takes over!

Also check the TRANSLATION.HOWTO-file for a detailed description about the translation basics.

IDLanguageTranslators (last in list is most current)
(Replace the "(at)" by "@" to send mail)
Status Last received updateCompletedUpdate
0 English Thomas Niederreiter (tn(at) Active - 100%
1 German Thomas Niederreiter (tn(at)
Mathias Büttner
Active - 100%
2 Dutch Edwin Hakkennes
Eric Hameleers
Unknown 19.06.2003 79%
3 Italian Andrea di Lecce
Giuseppe Di Mauro
Roberto Rosselli Del Turco
Daniela Di Candia (ddicandia(at)
Olaf Marzocchi
Unknown 15.03.2004 79%
4 French Sébastien Yapo (sebastien.yapo(at)
Ferdinand de Broich
Adrien Rebollo (adrien.rebollo(at)
Unknown 04.08.2003 79%
5 Croatian Denis Pleic (dpleic(at)
Krunoslav Gernhard (kruno(at)
Unknown 16.02.2004 79%
6 Swedish Richard Torkar
Peter Krefting (peter(at)
Henrik Sankala (hensan(at)
Active 24.10.2018 100%
7 Danish Lars Juul (larsjuul(at)
Lars Sarauw Hansen
Unknown 24.11.2003 79%
9 Spanish José Luis González (jlgonzal(at)
Jose Luis Benitez Crespo (jlbc(at)
Rafael Muñoz Rodríguez
Active 20.08.2003 65%
10 Turkish Alexander Neptun Unknown 11.03.2000 49%
11 Estonian Argo Vessmann
Triin Hannust (specter(at)
Ahti Akel (akel(at)
Unknown 22.10.2003 62%
12 Brasilian
Till Kamppeter
Syndson Silva
Unknown 01.09.2003 79%
13 Japanese Takeyuki Fujioka
Masaki Shinomiya (shino(at)
Hyde Yamakawa (hyde(at)
Unknown 14.06.2003 79%
14 Catalan Pau Garcia i Quiles Unknown 25.06.2003 79%
15 Czech Adam Pribyl (covex(at) Unknown 19.06.2003 79%
16 Hungarian Balázs Gál (gbalcsi(at)
Marton Dosa (dm_(at)
Mihály Gyulai
Lajos Kósa
Unknown 31.05.2003 79%
17 Romanian Pauliuc George
Bogdan Alexandru Constantin
Unknown 04.03.2004 79%
18 Traditional
Chih-Wei Huang (cwhuang(at)
Wei-Lun Chao (chaoweilun(at)
Unknown 28.02.2006 65%
19 Simplified
Chih-Wei Huang (cwhuang(at)
Su Baochen (linuxman(at)
Wang zhi jun
Unknown 13.11.2003 79%
21 Norwegian Stig Hornang Unknown 21.05.2003 70%
22 Polish Rafal Kura
Robert Gomulka
Unknown 05.07.2003 79%
23 Russian Anthony Borisow (r2m(at)
Vitaly Lipatov (lav(at)
Unknown 22.09.2003 78%
24 Slovak Martin Petrák Unknown 07.01.2001 53%
26 Indonesian Didiet Wardhana Novianto Unknown 15.08.2000 49%
27 Bulgarian Andrei Uzunov Unknown 08.05.2001 50%
28 Galician Miguel Bouzada (mbouzada(at)
Active 06.03.2009 79%
30 Finnish Henry Palonen Unknown 20.10.2003 79%
34 Ukrainian Maxim Dzumanenko Unknown 31.10.2003 79%
35 Greek Filippos Papadopoulos Unknown 26.10.2003 77%
36 Latvian Imants Treidis Unknown 01.07.2003 42%
37 Albanian Besnik Bleta Unknown 22.10.2003 79%

If I receive updated language files I will put them up here so all interested folks can use them at once, even when I did not put out a new release yet which will include them.

How to use:
Download the given archive file (e.g. hu.tar.gz) and use the contents to overwrite the original language po-file in the xcdroast sources or the installed mo-file (e.g. copy over /usr/share/locale/hu/LC_MESSAGES/

11.11.2018 T.Niederreiter (