Linux-Distribution specific install instructions:

Here are links helpful people sent me about configuring certain distributions to run X-CD-Roast well.

Note: This information refers mainly to the old version 0.98alpha10, but should be valid for most of 0.98alpha15, too.

SuSE Linux 7.x, 8.0 and 8.1

(thx to Urs K.)

Non-Linux install instructions:

At the download page there are a lot of RPM-Packages for Linux available. Here you find detailed information how to install X-CD-Roast on a non-linux plattform.

I would be thankful when you send me stuff to add here.

Solaris 10 Sparc

(thx to jgrawl(at)
31.03.2008: Package updated to work better with modern cdrtools versions and added optional desktop integration.

HP-UX 11.00

(thx to Martin Gansser)

SCO OpenServer 6

(thx to Ron Record)
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