X-CD-Roast 0.98alpha15 port for MacOS 10.3

I created a package of X-CD-Roast for MacOS 10.3 (Panther).

Please see the X-CD-Roast homepage for details about whats new.

(A package for MacOS 10.2 (Jaguar) is still available here.)

You might ask why one might want to use that? Apple shipped MacOS X with diskburner to create data-CDs and itunes to create audio-CDs...

Well - it's nice to have some UNIX burning software running on your mac and X-CD-Roast uses the cdrtools as burn-engine. Its completely independant of the Apple provided CD-burning drivers and 100% freeware.
So it's very possible that X-CD-Roast works just fine with a writer that is not supported by MacOS.
Also X-CD-Roast has a lot of interesting options - like overburning support, creating real unix/joliet CDs, multisession, CD-Text, high quality audio-extraction of most even copy protected audio-CDs, DVD writing without special software and more...

Please keep in mind that this is software that has grown over 6 years. It's not at all apple like. It might be confusing at first, so please read the popup-help on each button. (Hover your mouse a few seconds over an item to get help.)
The text documentation is installed into /usr/local/lib/xcdroast-0.98/doc, so you might take a look.

Here you can find the online version of the X-CD-Roast manual
(A PDF version of the manual is included in the xcdroast package)

Please use at own risk - I took great care in making sure that that package won't cause any trouble with your system, but please be warned.

I am always interested in feedback. Please don't hesitate to mail me when you have questions.

There are several issues with that port, so please read the enclosed ReadMe.rtf-file.

Click here for some screenshots (from alpha13).

Get the package: xcdroast-0.98alpha15.dmg (4096 kb) [MIRROR]

It does need a X-Server to run, so you have to install and start one first.
You can use the Apple X11 for that. (It is included on your Panther CDs).

If you want to support me, feel free to use the donate button. Thanks!

Mac OS X specific instructions. (See also ReadMe.rtf)

To start X-CD-Roast you can run the Applescript file I supplied in the image. This will start X11 (if not running already) and fire up X-CD-Roast. Alternatively you can start up X11 yourself and type this command in the xterm, which will show up on your screen.

Because the language detection does not work yet on MacOS X, you have to enable different languages like this: (Example for German)

when using bash: LANG=de_DE.ISO8859-1 /usr/local/bin/xcdroast -o

when using tcsh: setenv LANG de_DE.ISO8859-1; /usr/local/bin/xcdroast -o

Open the X-CD-Roast launch apple script file with the Script Editor and change the start parameters there. This way X-CD-Roast always starts in your choosen language. (I enclosed an english and a german version as example.)
There are some known issues yet:

  • At startup you might this message:
    "Warning: locale not supported by C library":
    This means you set a language which is invalid or unknown to the system. X-CD-Roast will only run in english in this case. You can see all valid locales in the directory /usr/share/locale. For example the correct locale for most west-european countries is <country_code>.ISO8859-1.

  • Only CD/DVD/Combi-Writers are supported.

    Due the nature of the OSX device interface only real Writers can be used withing X-CD-Roast. DVD-ROM-Drives or normal CD-ROM-drives are ignored. You cannot even use these to read data only.

  • Finder grabs all CDs.

    The finder tends to automount all CDs you insert. Then they are lost from being accessable from within X-CD-Roast. Currently the only known solution is to stop the "diskarbitrationd" daemon. (You may remember that in MacOS 10.2 (Jaguar) a simular daemon was called "autodiskmount".)

    This version supports the automatic handling of the daemon. You just choose the option to disable the daemon at startup and X-CD-Roast will handle that for you.

    Here is the procedure if you want to know what X-CD-Roast is doing:

    X-CD-Roast stops the daemon like this:

    ps -ax |fgrep diskarbitrationd

    (The first number in that output is the pid)

    sudo kill -STOP <pid>

    After you are done with X-CD-Roast it is started again:
    sudo kill -CONT <pid>
    Note: While the autodiskmount daemon is stopped you might not be able to eject media with the keyboard. Just use the eject feature from X-CD-Roast.

    I also noticed that the system may become unstable when this daemon is not running. Please don't run anything important while X-CD-Roast is open! I am working on finding a more stable solution.

  • Created Data-CDs are Unix/Windows-CDs.

    X-CD-Roast does currently not support the writing of HFS CDs. This means you can only files that have no resource component (like .dmg, .sit, all types of files you can download from the internet).

31.01.2004 T.Niederreiter (tn@xcdroast.org)